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As an integrated financial services firm, our focus is to help each of our clients in coordinating every aspect of their financial lives toward the ultimate goal of “success,” however they choose to define it.

We start by assisting our clients in the development of written goals and objectives. We then thoroughly analyze the raw data of a client’s financial life (statements, wills, business agreements, etc.). We recognize that it is impossible to chart a course toward a desired goal without having an accurate understanding of what the starting point is. After our discovery meeting, we then go back to our team to leverage each member’s experience and perspective toward the development of an integrated financial plan.

All too often, those that may have done some financial planning in the past stop at this point. However, a plan that sits around collecting dust is not worth the paper it is printed on. Implementation and adjustments along the way are pivotal to working toward one’s goals. This is paramount to our process.



Long-term financial independence is about more than simply beating the market. A wealth management plan and a diversified portfolio are not designed to simply beat the market; they should aim to manage the tax ramifications of your investments, get the most from your compensation package, balance risk and plan for generational transitions.

We advise our clients on all facets of their financial lives, sensitive to how each piece affects the others. Our team of individual specialists develops coordinated strategies that seek to provide optimal financial advantage. This coordinated approach can help reduce the frustration and unpleasant surprises that often arise when trying to manage a loose network of unaffiliated advisors.

The core of our approach to integrated wealth management is a fundamental belief that we must first understand the “complete picture” before we earn the right to offer you our financial and investment advice. Simply put, successful planning requires context, and, in our opinion, fully understanding that context is the only way to help add greater certainty to your financial future.



Individuals who specialize in critical areas of high net worth wealth planning support our core planning teams. In-house generalists and specialists, along with strategic alliance partners, collaborate under one unified philosophy and vision, with our goal being to provide our clients an unparalleled depth and breadth of wealth management services.

This allows us to attend to all aspects of a client’s financial situation concurrently. It’s a collaborative process among colleagues, inclusive of our clients, that proactively accounts for the impact each individual decision will have on a client’s overall financial picture. We believe this “one team” approach, where knowledge and experience are shared freely, creates the best strategies for our clients.



When venturing into the development of a wealth management plan, it is pivotal to have a discussion that involves the term “risk”. It is our position that one must evaluate “risk” in terms of both capacity and need.

Every client’s financial situation is unique. The state of their financial health at any one time has an impact on the strategies that are most prudent to employ at that time. Another way to view this is that one’s financial health determines his/her capacity to take risk. Risk Capacity, therefore, is an individual’s ability to hold or absorb a certain level of risk within his or her wealth management plan.

Goals and objectives also materially impact the direction that one must take to work toward them. We view this in terms of one’s need to take risk to pursue a certain goal or objective. Risk Need is a moving target that is affected by life cycle changes as well as micro and macro economic developments.



Artisan Wealth Management, LLC is independent and our interests are aligned with those of our clients. We are free to recommend the best investment opportunities for our clients’ individual needs, regardless of origin.

We have no products of our own on the shelf. We act as an advocate for our clients when we go out into the marketplace to invest our clients’ portfolios or to find a product to aid in a risk management objective. We are completely transparent when it comes to our compensation. This helps to mitigate the challenges that arise with commissions, markups, and/or fees.

Our clients know that this principle of acting in their best interest is a key tenet of our operating philosophy. Our relationships are based on being there for our clients under all circumstances and providing objective financial advice to help them pursue their goals.

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